Our Partners

About the Partnership

The Quinte Local Immigration Partnership is comprised of a group of significant stakeholders that come together regularly to develop a coordinated, comprehensive and strategic approach to immigration and integration that fits the needs of the greater Quinte area.

The Partnership includes participation from a wide range of stakeholders including community organizations, settlement agency, language training providers, local associations and employers.

The QLIP will be responsible for oversight and guidance in the development of a local settlement strategy and the implementation of an action plan that will lead to the successful settlement and integration of newcomers to the greater Quinte area, and support efforts to develop a welcoming community for immigrant newcomers.


How to Join

Become a Partner!

Additional organizations are invited to join the QLIP on a continuing basis to ensure a comprehensive approach. The QLIP welcomes representatives from community organizations that provide services to newcomers or have an interest in the integration of newcomers. Partners come from many environments including but not limited to local and regional governments, local educational institutions, community organizations, language training providers, local associations or bodies, health care providers, employment networks, chambers of commerce, and economic development corporations.

If you would like to join QLIP, please contact:

John L. Robertson
Project Coordinator - QLIP
Email: lip@quinteimmigration.ca
Telephone: (613) 968-7723 ext. 23